OUR SCENARIO: Dad fast approaching 88, has spent the last month in hospital and has just accepted a place in aged care facility.  ELDEST SON - fast approaching 69 trying to manage the finances, emotional upheaval, changes of mind, uncertainty.  ADD TO THE MIX - need for a quick sale at a fair price with a minimum of fuss.  SMART DECISION - meet with Alan Reay who has given a competitive quote and has a proven sales record in the area. TRICKY MEETING - in the house surrounded by upheaval/uncertainty, Alan outlines his strategy, impresses Dad, listens astutely, sizes up the situation and above all communicates his respect for his clients,
communicates throughout, colleague Paul presents offers after first inspection with communication skills to match Alan's.
High standards of communication and  emotional intelligence maintained over the next month - RESULT - two very happy clients and a smooth process from start to finish.

Thankyou Alan Reay Team

Rees Barrett

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