Methods of Sale

Set Price

A set price requires you to set an asking price and adjust it in response to changing market conditions plus buyer response.

Price ranging

Price ranging if done correctly captures a much wider target audience than a set price. This method is popular because the owner can still retain his dream price while the lower figure ensures buyers walk through the door.

From price

A from price, like a price range, attracts more buyers due to its lower attraction point however unlike a price range we give the buyer no indication of our expected top price.

No fixed price

Auctions, Expressions Of Interest and Set Date Sale are all examples of this approach.

The "set date sale" is the most prevalently used of these approaches and is basically a tender whereby a property is marketed for 25 days with no fixed price. During this period buyers are invited to submit their best offer for the property which will be presented to the seller in competition with all other offers.