The Australian bureau of statistics released its latest data on state and national population growth for the year to September 2009 and also new figures for local government areas for 2008 - 09.

The data for the year to September 09 indicated that WA’s population grew by 2.9% or 64,300 people. This is the highest growth rate in the country and exceeded Queensland’s 2.7%. Nationally the figure is 2.1%.
The latest local government area population data for 2008-2009 showed that four of WA’s local shires were among the top 25 for the largest increase in population across Australia.

  • 6th Wanneroo Growth 9,533 or 7.1%
  • 15th Stirling Growth 4,988 or 2.6%
  • 21st Swan Growth 4,338 or 4.1%
  • 25th Rockingham Growth 3,907 or 4.1%