Submissions have now closed on the draft Craigie High School structure plan 13.  A full copy of the structure plan can be viewed at the City of Joondalup website but for those of you without the time or inclination to scroll through the myriad of pages, here are a few of the main points:-

  • The site covers approximately 10.1470 hectares.
  • Approximately 17.91% of the site will be dedicated to parkland.  This will include a mixture of grassed parkland's and the retention of current bushland/sand dunes.
  • It is estimated that up to 177 lots will be available
  • A range of housing options will be available including, rear access lane-way lots, grouped dwellings and single house sites.
  • Residential den-sites for the site will include:
    R20: average size 500sqm  (34.4%)
    R25: average size 350sqm  (30.9%)
    R30: average size 300sqm  (13.5%)
    R40: average size 220sqm  (22.2%)
  • The department for child protection has withdrawn it's proposal for a community house within the development area.
  • It is unlikely any development will occur until 2012/2013.
  • The development is a joint venture between landcorp and stocklands.