As more WA residents look to save money on their power bills, solar panels are becoming a more common sight on suburban roofs.  The popularity of solar panels has also been enhanced by the renewable energy buy back scheme(REBS) offered by energy retailer Synergy.  REBS gives residents with solar panels a chance to make money by feeding excess power back into the grid, Synergy then pays customers for the excess power generated.

It is important to know however, that Synergy's REBS contract has several important Terms & Conditions which are of particular importance to home buyers or potential landlords.

Clause 9 is the clause in question and stipulates:

  • 9.2: Synergy may terminate this contract at any time if any of the following occurs:
  • 9.2.1: Subject to clause 9.4, the customer sells or transfers or vacates the premises.

Clause 9.4 relates to owners leasing their premises, who may be able to obtain the consent of Synergy in certain circumstances to transfer the REBS contract to the tenant.  However, the owner will still have certain obligations under the REBS contract.

It is therefore important that home buyers do not make the assumption that a REBS contract will be transferred to them at settlement and homeowners who are thinking of leasing their home speak further to Synergy about the implications regarding their REBS contract.

For further details I recommend you visit the Synergy website.