Our Team

Sarah Reay

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Success leaves clues, and in the case of Sarah Reay, having been raised by a family of highly successful realtors it left a trail of success that Sarah followed and has led to her being an integral part of the success of Alan Reay & his team.

Sarah’s role on a day to day is to ensure the business runs in unison and there is a natural flow from administration through to accounts and client care.

Alan Reay

Monday, May 13th, 2013

As principal and owner of the company Alan Reay has been plying his trade in the real estate profession for over 2 decades. His personality, experience, and abilities have earned him a great deal of respect not only from our many satisfied customers but also within the industry, being awarded numerous awards for his achievements at state, national and international level. Consistently the most successful sales associate at each of the companies he represented prior to starting his own business, Alan is ranked among the top 1% of sales associates worldwide.

Top 1% of real estate agents worldwide

"While the recognition of your peers is always satisfying, the real people who count in our business are our clients"

There are only a small percentage of people who move into real estate who are successful, we think the reason is simple; you have to care about people. Real estate transactions can’t be impersonal, they have to be people focused, and that’s why we pride ourselves on our personal touch.

"Our aim is to make the buying & selling process a smooth & enjoyable experience for all concerned"

It is important for us to meet and get to know our clients, to understand their requirements, only then can we work together in achieving their goals.

I like to think that we sell homes & lifestyles, not houses

"I believe in what I do, it’s always different & always rewarding. I enjoy meeting people from all walks & stages of life and helping them realize their goals."

Where it all started

Born and educated in England’s Lake District, Alan Joined the Royal Navy aged 16 years old and it was during his 7 years service that he learnt how strong values, non compromising discipline and exactness in all you do is the difference between surviving or not, when it matters.

"Experience can be gleaned from a number of ways, either from time, a performance, a life or a professional perspective, and when one is fortunate enough in business to interact with someone that ticks all the experience boxes you tend to embrace that opportunity and not let it go"